Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chiefs: The Herman Edwards era is over!

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herman Edwards suggested three years ago, "A scared man won't gamble and he won't leave his wife alone at home, I'm not scared."

Obviously Edwards no longer subscribes to the latter. Under Edwards’ leadership the team is more conservative than Ronald Reagan was when he was president.

The Chiefs looked dismal in their home opener losing to their arch rival the Oakland Raiders 23-8. The offense was horrendous as usual.

Herman “you play to win the game” Edwards simply isn’t putting his team in a position to win. Last year team lost nine consecutive loses and kicked off this year with two more. Despite getting younger and hiring a new offensive coordinator in Chan Gailey the offense still stinks.

The Chiefs are being held hostage to the conservatism of Herman Edwards. I think he needs to get his ship righted soon or the organization should get another coach.

It pains me to write this column because I love the Chiefs. I’ve been a die-hard since 1993. I can’t let my love for the team sway my professional judgment as a writer. I like Herman Edwards as a man but I don’t think he’s a good fit for the Chiefs. Sorry, but I must keep it real.

Last week against the New England Patriots the Chiefs got key turnovers and knocked Tom Brady out of the game. Yet offensively the Chiefs couldn’t score from inside the five with 56 seconds remaining to possibly tie or win the game.

Edwards is obsessed with getting younger on defense instead of getting the team better. Edwards played defense in the NFL for ten years and that’s the way he drafts.

Fine, but the last time I checked the team that scores the most points wins the game.

The Chiefs shipped their best defensive player in Jared Allen to Minnesota. The organization drafted Glenn Dorsey and he’s going be a stud. But wouldn’t the team have been even better with Allen and Dorsey?

This Edwards led team is a far cry from what it used to be.
Three years B.E. (Before Edwards) the Chiefs were an offensive threat. The line was great and they ran the ball well.

The Dick Vermeil teams had enthusiasm and passion. Gone is the aerial assault of Trent Green to Tony Gonzalez. Gone are exciting plays from Dante Hall and the dual threat of Priest Holmes running and catching balls out of the backfield.

Now the offense is horrific. Larry Johnson is not getting involved and Gonzalez doesn’t have a quarterback that can get him the ball.

If anyone hasn’t noticed the Chiefs need a quarterback. Brodie Croyle is injury prone and Huard is no more than a career backup. Two years ago Green went down and Huard came in and played very well but he’s not the answer.

So what did the Chiefs do this week? They sign Ingle Martin.

Ingle Martin?

Give me a break.

Edwards is seemingly more interested in keeping games close rather than “playing to win the game.”

In Edwards first year as coach in 2006 the 9-7 Chiefs got into playoffs on a myriad of miracles on the last day of the season. True to form the offense stunk. The Chiefs failed to get a single first down in the first half against the Indianapolis Colts in losing 23-8.

Last season due to injuries and conservatism on offense the Chiefs finished 4-12. This year doesn’t look much better.

What's the solution?

The conservative nature of the offense is actually handicapping a solid defense by being on the field much longer than it should. Getting Larry Johnson involved more would be wise.

Open up the offense with quarterbacks you have or get someone that can. If you lose fine, but at least lose with some dignity.

Forget about getting younger, focus on getting the team better.

Bottom line, if Edwards isn’t willing let his team “play to win the game” I think the organization should get another head coach and move on.

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